The insides of Valencia: along with one of our teachers, out students will enjoy a guided tour through the Towers of Quart and Serranos, the Virgin Square and the cathedral, The Lonja de la Seda, The Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas, The Central and the Colón Market, the North Station and the City Hall. They will be taught the features of the area visited and they will also have time to buy souvenirs or to take as many pictures as they want.

Valencia and beyond: During the weekends, we will enjoy organised trips to some cities close to Valencia (Xàbea, Xàtica, Morella, La Albufera, etc.) where we will feel the Valencia idiosyncrasy.

Essential museums: we will visit a selective choice of the essential museums to know our culture in an entertaining way. Among the museums that we will visit we find the Pio V, the MUVIM, the IVAM, the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe and the Museu Faller.

Looking for the treasure: a funny gymkhana in groups that will be enjoyed by children; it is an outdoors activity that will take place in the Viveros garden and in the old riverbed of Turia.

Our festivals: Depending on the time of the year, we will make you enjoy the different aspects that the kaleidoscopic Valencia has to offer. We will attend several dinners and night parties and, moreover…

  • In January: we will attend the Three Wise Men parade and we will eat together the most important dessert in this time of the year, the Roscón.
  • In February: we will attend the Ruzafa Carnivals, visiting this neighbourhood and enjoying its funniest time of the year.
  • In March: during the Fallas, we will take you on a guided tour for you to know more about this Valencian festival and we will attend to the most important acts (mascletà, Cremà…)
  • In April: we will know the Semana Santa and we will eat the most important desserts that characterise it (Mona and Easter eggs).
  • In summer: we will visit our different beaches and we will enjoy together any festival that take place during this time of the year (San Juan, concerts…) Furthermore, we will take into account the most important festivals of the closest cities to Valencia (Tomatina, San Fermines, etc.) We want to offer you a wonderful travel.


Under the sea: During the summer, we will offer water activities in our beaches such as snorkel, kayak or sailing in a catamaran.

Sport: in our academy we are concerned about the implementation of sport in the life of the young people because we think it is a tool to socialize and also a good way to improve and learn the language while keeping fit. Thus, we offer sport activities such as football, volleyball, hockey, skating, etc.

More culture: with our teaching board, we will ensure you that you will continually learn through the attendance to every single cultural aspect in the city. If you like the theatre, the poetry, the cinema criticism and the music, we will take you to live cultural experiences that you will never forget.