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Have you ever thought about learning modern Greek? Now you can do it by hand from Academia La Pagoda. We put at your disposal a host of original materials to discover a language that will change the way you learn languages. When we speak of modern Greek we refer to the language spoken today in Greece and Cyprus, therefore, we speak of a living language, the direct result of the history and culture of a people that goes back to classical antiquity. For that reason, from the first day you will learn to speak, write and communicate in the classroom completely in Greek. In addition, the language classes are complemented with additional sessions where we will deal with cultural aspects of modern Greece, its history and its literature. Do not waste time and reserve your place!

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Στοιχειώδης Γνώση: At this level we have the first contact with the language: we learn the alphabet, the declensions and to express our personal data, to describe our immediate surroundings, to talk about the family, our tastes and hobbies, our routine, etc. The basic vocabulary of the level will be worked along with fixed expressions, and a basic syntax.

Βασική Γνώση: At this level the syntactic and grammatical knowledge is expanded: use of basic prepositions, decline of irregular words, comparison, basic connectors and their syntactic relation. We will learn to express ourselves using times of past and future.

Μέτρια Γνώση: At this level we manage to express ourselves with ease in daily conversations without much complexity. We will reinforce the knowledge of verb tenses, we expand the syntax in its complexity. Exceptions of cases, verbs with preposition, compound and specific lexicon.

Καλή Γνώση: Throughout the B2 level course the latest grammatical knowledge is assimilated. The complexity in the expression grows, using a correct syntax for each context. In grammar we will study the last verb tenses, the condition,
Subjunctive expressions, exceptions.

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