Spanish course at a distance

It is a course designed for those students who want to continue studying Spanish after their stay in the city, or before arriving at school. Our team of teachers will be in charge of guiding you in your progress giving you all the tools for a satisfactory learning. At Academia La Pagoda we use a special platform for this purpose. In this way, and together with weekly sessions with your tutor, you will be able to maintain and improve your level of Spanish. This modality also allows you to adapt your time and availability to work in a more independent way, without the need for fixed schedules. We will offer you all the programming with established objectives and we will guide you.

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-Internet connection
-Headphones with integrated microphone.

-Flexible schedule
-Qualified Native Teachers
-Learning at your own pace

Presence-based modality

Solve your doubts in classroom

Personalised attention

Personalised level study

Wide range of languages

We are totally adaptable

Results since the very first day

You can try without paying

Dynamic and quick courses

Communicative approach

Lapiz La Pagoda

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Courses of General Spanish

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