All of us have heard, at some point, about Dalí but, who actually was Salvador Dalí? More than twenty-five years ago, one of the most representative figures of the art left us. Through this seminar we will approach the disturbing life of the Spanish genius painter of the last century. We will study the different features of one of the most controversial personalities involved in the social and artistic scenario. We will also analyse, through his life and work, where the genius begins and where the eccentricity finishes.

We can define him as a genius of the realistic and surrealistic painting, gifted with impressionist light and a magnificent line; a man with delirious eyes and frenzied moustache. All of these features were, and are, Dalí. The qualities of a genius that was able to decompress the beauty from his coloured palette and express it in his works. Dalí is an explosion of colour and light. A money-lover. Obsessed with science. A complex, curious, creator and tormented man. An artist in love with fame and, at the same time, an anchorite. This is just a small piece of what you are going to discover about Dalí. We dare you to see the reality through the eyes of a genius.