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The academy la Pagoda is an accredited centre by the Fundación Tripartita, which can handle with formative actions through the system of bonus that this entity offers.

But… What is the Fundación Tripartita?

The Fundación Tripartita is an organism that triggers the formation in the employment.

And… what is its main goal?

Triggering the formation among workers that are included in the Social Security.

And… the formative actions or courses are free?

Yes, totally free. However, it has to be highlighted that the courses performed by the workers are already paid by the company through the quoting to Social Security during the previous year.

And… How much credit does my company posses?

It depends on the average of staff of the previous year with a minimum of 420 Euros per company. From this minimum, the credit is calculated depending on the average staff of the previous year and the quoting of each worker.

And… how can I know the credit I have?

The academy la Pagoda, as an accredited entity can do it, using the signed Hoja de Adhesión by the interested company.

And… does this document commit me in any way?

No, this document does not commit anyone to do anything.

And… How can I bonus the amount I have if I take a course?

This amount is subtracted from the social insurance that the company pays each month. If anything goes wrong, before the 30th day of the month, this amount will be subtracted.

And… what can it happen if I do not use the credit?

If you do not use the credit, it will be lost. They do not have a cumulative effect for the next year.
Oh, that’s right! Being like this, where is the Hoja de Adhesión in order to begin with the formative courses?


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