At Academia La Pagoda we consider the accommodation of our students one of the most important aspects for your stay in Valencia. The objective is that they feel at home and that learning is not only in the classroom, but goes beyond it. Therefore, we offer the possibility to choose between three types of accommodation:

Colegio Mayor Ausias March

It is one of the oldest and most modern university residences in the city and is located in a location very close to the school. At the Ausias March Residence Hall the student will have the opportunity to live as a student and enjoy all the equipment, taking advantage of the perfect combo between leisure and study that is offered.
There are several types of accommodation, since the rooms are both single and double. In addition, it has a private bus service to transfer those students who study at other centers.

Lapiz La Pagoda
For those passionate about Spanish who decide to continue practicing at home. We have meticulously selected families with the aim of offering the student the best learning experience, also outside the school. In this way, they will learn Spanish while enjoying Spanish culture and customs. All of our families are located just minutes from the school. The student has the possibility to choose between half board or full board.
Specially designed for those who want to have greater independence, while enjoying the comfort offered by services such as laundry or dining. We have flats located in the city of Valencia, a short distance from our school. You can share…


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