Why Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, located in the Mediterranean coast and in front of the Baleares Islands.
Its population is about one million inhabitants, so this fact makes it a city with great cultural and leisure offerings while it also keeps its nice environment. It is a well-linked city due to their large number of bus and metro services. However, the most advisable option is to discover its historical centre on foot.

Historical Center

The centre of Valencia is a mixture of history alive that talks about its glorious past. Between the XII-XVI centuries, the city was an important urban centre in Europe. Then, during the Industrial Revolution, several movements such as Modernism and Vanguards left their mark in the architecture of this city. Nowadays, the history of Valencia co-exists with the last architectonical, gastronomy and expressive tendencies. Its streets are full of restaurants, clubs, street art, music and originality.

Currently, the city has become the scenery of many different events: the Fashion Week, the Campus Party, tennis tournaments, F-1 races or motorcycle events are just a few examples of the current projection of Valencia, all of them developed in an amazing environment. It has to be highlighted the facilities of the City of Arts and Sciences, where innovation and science take place. Moreover, museums such as the centre of modern art IVAM often show interesting expositions that, without any doubt, you will not want to miss.
The city is characterised by a mild weather, with an average temperature of 18,4ºC. There are few days of real cold in winter and the summers are perfectly hot to enjoy the beaches of Malvarrosa and Patacona or to visit the surroundings of Valencia.

The airport is 30 minutes far from the city. In the recent years the number of aero-lines that operates in the area has been increased, such as low-cost companies. From the terminal you can get into the city centre with both metro lines 3 and 5 and with the bus 150.

The ciutat de les arts i les ciències

It is a group of buildings within the city, aimed to spread the art and science. You will see impossible forms, watch a film with the best sound quality, discover the ocean animals in the Oceanographic and watch an opera, among some other plans.

Throughout March, the city is transformed to celebrate its more important festival: Fallas. This event attracts people from all over the country and worldwide. Fireworks, firecrackers, colourful wooden buildings, music and tradition.

You can enjoy nature both out and in the city. The whole city is divided by a huge park where you can breath fresh air, enjoy the tranquillity or do any sport. La Albufera, a natural landscape, is not far from the city and also, you can visit the African Savannah in the BioParc.


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