Intensive Spanish courses

Intensive Spanish courses

The intensive courses are especially thought for those students who are going to stay for a short period of time in the city and want to learn as much as possible, or for those students who need a VISA. You can enroll in this courses throughout the whole year. Each student can attend the Spanish lessons as many times as he/she needs, at a pace of 10 hours per week.

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Course Types

During the lesson, the four main language skills are used (reading, writing, listening and speaking) through group tasks where the communication is essential.
If you look for an intensive course of 20h/week, we can help you to deal with the VISA process.

After filling the enrollment form in any of our intensive courses, we will send you and “acceptance letter”. With this letter you can justify your study stay in Spain.
*Under no circumstances the enrollment in a course means the granting of the VISA by the embassy. If you need more information, you should contact the embassy of your country of origin.

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Student Progress

The hours in the classroom for each student are different and depend on many factors, but, generally, the school propose the following levels:

Course levels

La Pagoda

*Each lesson lasts 45 minutes
*For any further information related to enrollment, feel free to contact us:

Lapiz La Pagoda

The linguistic tutors are teachers that individually monitor your progress. When you start a Spanish course, we assign one of the most expert teachers to solve any doubt you may have. Each fortnight you can hold a meeting with your tutorand talk about yout needs when learning.

Important information

  • The 80% of the attendance is the minimum requirement to receive an “attendance certificate”.
  • If you want to change the hours of the monthly course, you must contact the secretary before the last day of the month.
  • The workshops are free for those students whose classroom hours are superior to 10h per week.
  • If the features of your course do not include the cost of the material, you must pay for it the first day.

Presence-based modality

Solve your doubts in classroom

Personalised attention

Personalised level study

Wide range of languages

We are totally adaptable

Results since the very first day

You can try without paying

Dynamic and quick courses

Communicative approach

Lapiz La Pagoda

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