Preparation of DELE exams

Since 1988, the Cervantes Institute, on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Spain, has been calling and issuing the official qualifications certifying the knowledge of the Spanish language. These diplomas are known by the name of DELE Diplomas. The DELE Diplomas are necessary to study and work in most universities and companies in the country, as well as being recognized and highly valued in Latin America. At Academia La Pagoda we know that certifying your level of Spanish is very important for your future.

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For this reason, our team of professors, accredited as examiners of the DELE exams and with experience in them, will guide you and give you the best preparation to face the exam. In this way, we propose DELE preparation courses based on the contents and models of the exam so that you familiarize yourself with the exam and learn the strategies that will guarantee you the pass. In addition, we advise you and manage your registration.

– Level test
– Preparation material
– Oral simulates
– Access to all school resources
– Personal advice

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DELE Preparation Course

Hours per weekTotal hoursCourse fee*Extra week
4 hours/week16 hours175 €43 €
6 hours/week24 hours252 €63 €
8 hours/week32 hours320 €80 €
10 hours/week40 hours399 €99 €
20 hours/week80 hours720 €180 €

*Note: Course fees are for 4 weeks.

DELE test fee

108 €130 €160 €190 €205 €220 €

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