Spanish method “Me suena”

Spanish method “Me suena”

Our Spanish methods for foreigners! The method SOUNDS ME! It is the result of much effort and work of our academic department. This method follows the criteria and recommendations established in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), and the contents established and developed by the Cervantes Institute for each language level in its Curricular Plan. The methodology that we will use throughout each unit that makes up this Spanish course is purely inductive, that is, the student will acquire, with the help of the teacher, the grammatical norm based on real examples of language. For this, the method works in a very intense way the development of the four linguistic skills, as well as the interaction of these skills. Students and teachers will find on the left side of each exercise the type of skill to be practiced.

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    The grammatical and lexical contents will provide the student with functional abilities. Within the book, these contents are not gathered in a single page, but are delivered periodically through all kinds of activities, which end with the achievement of a general and complete idea. This makes the role of the teacher very active and must take a planning of the contents to work them gradually. Each unit deals with a thematic block and offers certain tools for its exploitation. For example, on the first page of each unit we find a de fi nition extracted from the DLE, annotations on the sides of the pages as notes, titles that function as phraseological units, etc. In addition, activities inspired by the tasks of the DELE exams are interspersed. In this way, the student can become familiar with the techniques and strategies of exam preparation. Finally, the method presents a wide and varied range of Hispanic voices that will undoubtedly help to enrich the contents of each page.

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