ELE Teacher Training

This course is mainly addressed to any person interested in knowing more about the fascinating world of teaching Spanish. Priority will be given to the people holding any philology, students during their last year of degree, with short or no experience, who want to achieve the expertise in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

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  • Every student interested in this course must prove that they hold a degree in philological studies, or in case of university students, prove that they are enrolled in the last courses of their degree. We will accept students with other profiles in case there are vacant places.
  • Non-native students must hold a C1 certificate in Spanish (only official titles).

Introductory course (A)

The course offers an introduction to the profession of the ELE teacher and tries to be a guide to develop the compentences needed to face the risks in a Spanish classroom. At the end of the course, the teachers will have a global vision of the following aspects: psychology in the classroom, monitoring plans, elaboration of materials, certificate exams, additional formation, publishing houses, etc.

20/11/2018 – 28/11/2018 inclusive.


  • Presence-based
  • Online

If you enroll before the 1st November 195,00€ (material included)
If you enroll after the 2nd November 235,00€ (material included)

Theoretical and practical activities will be stablished to assess the course. Activities from each module are carried out, which are the 40% of the assessment. Tha active participation in the debates bears the 20% of the assessment. Finally, a final activity is stablished about a practical-theoretical development that will bear the last 40% of the assessment.

At the end of the course, the candidates who pass the assessment will receive a certificate which includes 40 hours of formation in ELE content.

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Lapiz La Pagoda

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