Level A2 (KET)

This exam belongs to the level A2 from the (CEFR) and in this level the student will acquire basic grammar and vocabulary related with common situations. To do this, we will work with past Cambridge mock exams, so the student will always be in touch with real tests in order to know the structure and the kind of exercises apearing in the exam. Thus, we will help you to develop your linguistic skills.

Who is addressed to?
Este examen se corresponde con el nivel A2 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia (MCER) y en este nivel el alumno adquirirá la gramática básica y vocabulario relacionado con situaciones de la vida cotidiana. Para ello, trabajaremos siempre con modelos de examen propios de Cambridge.

Parts of the test
The KET exam is divided into 3 sections: Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Reading and Writing

This section lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes and carries 50% of the total mark; it is divided into 9 parts (each one refers to one activity).

  • Part 1: Match sentences.
  • Part 2: Fill the gaps choosing one of the options.
  • Part 3: Answer the question by choosing one of the options and complete the text.
  • Part 4: Answer the questions about the text.
  • Part 5: Complete the text by choosing one of the options.
  • Part 6: Write the word that best fits each gap.
  • Part 7: Fill the gaps in a text with the appropriate word.
  • Part 8: Complete the information about a text.
  • Part 9: Short writing.


This section lasts about 30 minutes and carries 25% of the final mark; it is divided into 5 parts (each one refers to one activity)

  • Part 1: Choose the picture according to what you hear
  • Part 2: Match the content of the listening with the sentences offered.
  • Part 3: Answer the questions by choosing the best answer.
  • Part 4: Write the information about the listening.
  • Part 5: Write the information about the listening.


This section lasts about 10 minutes per candidate and carries 25% of the final mark; it is divided into 2 parts (each one refers to one activity)

  • Part 1: Conversation with the examiner about personal aspects.
  • Part 2: Ask and answer about visual material.

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Level A2 (KET)

When can I examine myself?
KET 2017 dates
February 18 – June 17
March 18 – July 25
May 13 – October 7
May 26 – November 11
June 8 – December 1

How much is it worth examining?
The examination fee for 2017 if you register with us is 99€ for the KET level (A2).

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