CCSE exam preparation

CCSE exam preparation

In October 2015 the parliament approved by law new requirements for obtaining Spanish nationality. From that same date, anyone interested in making this request must have an official or higher level of A2 Spanish, and have satisfactorily passed the CCSE test (constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain). Both tests are designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute. We know the importance of these tests, therefore, we want to help you to prepare them satisfactorily. In our center we will work with examination models prepared specifically for candidates who choose to obtain nationality.

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    We will also evaluate your language level, and in the case of not having an official title, we will give you all the information and training to obtain it. The CCSE test takes place on the last Thursday of each month. Now is the time! Call us and we will advise you in the process.

    When are the results of the CCSE known?
    The Instituto Cervantes publishes the results of the tests approximately 20 days after the examination. It is not possible to obtain the qualification before that term. The results are known through the website, electronically in your private space through the access facilitated at the time of registration. In the case of the DELE A2 exams, the deadline to obtain the results is approximately 3 months from the completion of the tests. The noti fi cation of the qualification notice will be communicated to the candidate by means of an electronic mail and later it will be able to consult it and download it in the portal of the DELE Spanish diplomas.

    What is exam fee?
    Exam fee is 85€

    No enrollment fee

    Presence-based modality

    Solve your doubts in classroom

    Personalised attention

    Personalised level study

    Wide range of languages

    We are totally adaptable

    Results since the very first day

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